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Tractionator Adventure
Off-Road Adventure
25% Road – 75% Off-Road

World Class Performance for the Serious Adventure Rider
- Designed to handle the toughest terrain in Australia, USA, Baja and across the globe
providing superior off-road traction and long mileage.
- Stronger construction than most adventure tyres give world class off-road
performance with a high resistance to punctures.
- Uniquely designed tread blocks self-protect for long life and self-sharpen for better
traction through the life of the tyre.
- Optimized hybrid natural / synthetic compound produces dependable grip in all
weather extremes.
- Superior block and profile design enables larger footprint providing superior off-road
traction and hi speed cornering.
- More tread depth than most adventure tyres for better traction in mud and snow.

Tractionator Adventure Tubeless

140,77 €Prijs
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